Immediately Double Your BTC in Cashback Shopping Tokens.

Five levels of purchase available with double the BTC value in cashback shopping plus profit sharing via our Magic Tokens issued directly on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Cashback Tokens

Redeem double the Cashback Tokens on our proprietary Token Redemption website.

Profit Sharing

100% of purchase price paid out plus profit sharing via our proprietary Magic Tokens.

Cashback Shopping on Your BTC Purchases

Bitcoin Magic

Cashback Tokens can be redeemed for discounts on Worldwide Travel, Local Shopping and Restaurants, Magazine Subscriptions, Brand Name Merchandise, Grocery Coupons, Sweepstakes and Online Shopping.

Buy Shopping Discounts with Bitcoins.

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Wholesale Travel

Access to closed network private hotel rates. Use your Cashback Tokens to obtain private rates that are up to 60% below the hotel's website pricing on over 600,000 properties worldwide.

Shopping and Dining Rewards

Redeem your Cashback Tokens however you'd like. You can use them for great deals, discounts, and savings at some of your favorite brands, restaurants and local shopping.


Use your Cashback Tokens to gain entry to weekly, monthly and quarterly sweepstakes offered for popular famous brand gift cards and other exciting cryptocurrencies sweepstakes offers.

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Earn 100% of the sale amount in direct instant decentralized BTC payments never touched by the company.

Buy and Use Cashback Tokens while also receiving 100% commissions on every sale made.

We are so unique we can't be beat!

Direct Payments

Payments made direct from buyer to seller.

Instant Payments

Payments made via Blockchain are instant.


Built on a robust and proven platform in the cloud.


Blockchain security with decentralized ledger.

What Makes Us Different

Unilevel Commissions

50% of sale amount paid via our Unilevel plan!

1x3 Matrix Commissions

50% of sale amount paid in our 1x3 matrix system!

No Monthly Fees

Onetime Admin Fee, unlimited earnings potential!

100% Payout

100% of every sale paid out directly to the Upline!

Instant Payments

Commission payments made instantly at time of sale!

100% Transparency

Blockchain technology offers 100% user transparency!

Frequently Asked Questions

A: We ONLY recommend and

A: No all transactions are final.

A: We cost less, we pay more.

A: Your earnings potential is unlimited.

Get the ultimate profit from


The only program where you can fulfill your financial dreams without putting others in harm's way due to our unique double cashback offering. We are so unique we can't be beat!

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BTC Magic is led by a group of entrepreneurs comprised of talented, inspiring, and hardworking individuals from around the globe whom all share the passion to code, create, introduce and connect people to the future of digital currencies.

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